The Manifest Spotlights Sana Khalid FREELANCER as 2022’s Top Recommended Design Specialist from Pakistan

Want to have the best designs for your brand? At Sana Khalid FREELANCER, you don’t need to worry about complicated agency cliches and such whatnot. Based in Karachi, Pakistan, I’m a top-rated freelance designer passionate about helping businesses of all sizes achieve their visual goals.

The Manifest Press Releases

Today, I’m extremely happy to share my newest recognition from an esteemed market resource with all of you. Just recently, The Manifest officially ranked Sana Khalid FREELANCER among Pakistan’s highest recommended B2B providers! According to their data-driven research, I’m among the best reviewed providers of design, digital marketing, web design, digital, and social media marketing services this 2022!

Such a wonderful accolade shouldn’t go by without celebration. When I started this endeavor back in 2020, I faced a daunting industry filled with big competitors. My love for designing and service got me through challenging tasks and intimidating markets.

For me, the greatest part of working in this industry is being able to meet and collaborate with amazing people. The clients I serve inspire me to create amazing and clever design solutions. Whether it’s logo design or branding materials partnership, I make sure to do my very best to help my fantastic clients. It’s because of them that I celebrate this incredible award!

Moreover, The Manifest is an independent B2B market resource platform where you can find different service providers like myself and look through my projects. In their inaugural recognition, the website highlights the top-tier solutions providers that earned the highest number of stellar reviews over the past year.

Thank you so much to everyone who believed in me! I am eternally grateful for the support and trust. Cheers to more exciting possibilities for all of us ahead!

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