Project Catalog™ is a new way for freelance professionals like you to build your business and build new revenue streams on Upwork:

  • You pre-determine the scope, cost, schedule, and package of deliverables.
  • Companies can then browse for the projects they need and buy them instantly.
  • starts working as soon as the client provides the information you need to get started.

To find these new customer relationships, your project must be discoverable. This means crafting effective SEO descriptions to showcase your most in-demand services.

In this article, we’ll explore how to optimize original, unique, high-quality descriptions and give potential clients the information they need to make a decision to start working with you.

This includes:

  • The importance of SEO friendly product descriptions
  • Best Practices to Remember When Writing Project Directory Product Descriptions
  • Things To Avoid When Creating Product Descriptions
  • SEO Optimized Project Directory Product Description Examples

Let’s get started!

1. The Importance of SEO Friendly Product Descriptions

When companies look to project catalogs to find the expertise they need, many of them start with a search. Whether a project emerges as a potential solution depends on the following capabilities:

  • Understand how to write effective product descriptions in your search
  • Talk to your customers’ needs and why your service is useful Please indicate.

To turn someone who sees your list into a new paid client, you need a description of the right product for SEO.

2. 7 Best Practices to Consider When Writing a Product Description in a Project Catalog

When you submit a project to be added to the Project Catalog, Upwork will walk you through each section of the list to make sure the most important information is included.

This gives each list a good start , but it’s up to you how to write the best SEO product descriptions for your projects. And one important point to keep in mind is that a generic description will not bring the desired results. highlighted the best you have to offer.

1. Meet the needs of the target customer

2. Tell us about the benefits of your services

Potential clients want to know one thing: “What can you do for me?”

So don’t just promise to deliver three well-researched, original, and optimized 800-word draft blog posts in a week. We’ll talk about how a series of well-crafted articles can help educate your customers, share new ways to use your products, and generate the best leads to help your sales team reach their goals.

3. Understand how you deliver value to customers

4. Use easy-to-understand words

5. Write Unique and Unique Copy

6. Utilize the Basics of SEO

7. Include subpoena

3. What should I avoid when creating product descriptions?

With these best practices in mind, you can optimize explanations that are targeted, easy to read, and provide the information you need to determine if a potential client is ready to move forward.

However, there are some caveats. Primarily, careful decisions when putting together a product list encourage you to respect both your readers and your work.

4. Do not use description generators

Optimizing your description for your search depends on unique and original writing. Also, if you provide the information you need to make a decision that is uncommon, your target client is more likely to buy from you.

Product Description Disregard both of these generator-dependent elements.

Impressions in general description, whether the generated copy makes sense or there is a risk that it doesn’t make sense.

In short, using a generator may seem like a good way to start the explanation, but it causes more problems for yourself. There is a risk. It’s much more effective to spend time creating your own description from the beginning.

5. Don’t write unnecessarily long explanations

There are some limitations to describe your project: it has to be longer than 120 characters and can reach 1,200 characters. That gives you about five paragraphs to sell your services.

There is no perfect description length, but you shouldn’t make it too long.
Despite the importance of including key words and phrases in the description, remember that your main audience is decision makers who look through your product, not search robots.<hr id= “0”>Your description should be useful and take as long as it takes to explain who you are, what you are doing and why it is important to them. Anything that goes beyond that runs the risk of being superfluous words that are irrelevant and distract from the overall presentation.